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The display of the perpetual calendar complication has been on the dial of timepieces for the greater part of its existence. Subdials indicate the information that is relevant to the calendar or aperture displays like tissot replica 3448.

Two master watchmakers in the late 20th century were the only ones to challenge the norm. They came up with the first ever biretrograde indication on a perpetual calendar. One retrograde indicator pointed out the date, the other the day. This new method resulted in the creation of the 1989 Harry Winston Bi-Retrograde Perpetual calendar.audemars piguet replica watches The watch's creators were Mr Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, and Mr Roger Dubuis, both master watchmakers.

It's too late for Mr Dubuis to answer questions about the watch today. Mr Wiederrecht, however, shares that he met Roger in the 1980s. We were both members of the Les Cabinotiers de Geneve Society, which included Paul Buclin and Svend Andersen as well as Franck Muller and Antoine Preziuso, among others.

"Aside the formal gathering, the members met informally and regularly as friends to share their passions and experiences with high-end mechanical watchesmaking. We were able to create ten pocket watches with perpetual calendars through our conversations and the individual expertise we each brought to the table.

From Left: Mrs Wiederrecht, Mrs Dubuis, young Wiederrecht brothers, Mr Dubuis. (www.omegareplica.me )

The ten watches were quickly sold in subscription to nine watchmakers. The tenth piece was then offered to the Watch Museum in Geneva. The ten pieces we produced are unique in that every component of the movements, as well as the dials and boxes, were made by us.